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The Master Chorale is an integral part of Cuesta College. However, the Chorale is responsible for the expenses incurred through our performances. The soloists, members of the orchestra, and the performance space must be paid for by ticket sales and additional support from the community. Because we want as many people to be able to attend as possible, we keep ticket prices low, requiring even more community support.

Donations for Spring 2007: You can donate specifically for this concert. To do so, please print out this Spring 2007 Donation form, fill it out and mail it to the chorale with your check or credit card information (address on form).

You can help the Chorale by donating any amount. If you donate $35 or more you will automatically become a member of the Friends of Cuesta Master Chorale and will be listed in our programs. Membership levels are:

The Davies Endowment was established in the spring of 2004, in honor of the twenty years of dedication Tom and Susan Davies have given to the chorale. The interest from this fund will be used to support the chorale while the principal can never be touched. Thus if you donate to this fund your support will be perpetual.
Master Chorale Circle
soloists Mack, Clayton, Vasquez
Jonathan Mack, Cynthia Clayton, Hector Vasquez, soloists for War Requiem  


There are two ways to donate:

small notesPrint out one of these forms: For regular donations print out this Donation form (pdf). For donations to the Davies Endowment fund, print the endowment form (pdf). Fill in your name, address, amount, and other information as needed. Send in the form with your check or credit card information.

small notesDonate through the Cuesta College web site. Here's how to donate with a few clicks:



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Cuesta Master Chorale is sponsored by Cuesta College.